At Limitless, we believe that business owners deserve to be paid both now and later.

Who are we?

We’re a bunch of super nice smarty pantses who hate watching business owners suffer. 

Yes, we’re here to help you scale, build value and position your company for a lucrative exit someday. 

That’s what we do.

But why we do it is far more interesting.

Tomorrow is promised to no one and you’ve already sacrificed so much on your business building journey through the years.

By helping you become the Architect of a company that can grow and scale without relying on you, you’ll finally experience the freedom and peace you imagined the day you became an owner.

We’re here to set you FREE - whatever that means to you.


Why Limitless Business?

Because we truly believe that our clients are limitless in what they can achieve.

With the right strategy, tools, guidance and mindset, there are no unachievable goals. 

We work with clients who dream big, take big action and make a big impact on their clients, teams and those closest to them.


How We Work

Unlike coaches with one size fits all programs, or consultants with narrow experience, combined, we have over 100 years of proven success.

We’re nerds at heart who will care about your business as much as you do, sometimes even more.

We roll up our sleeves, dive in deep and know with certainty that the strategies we recommend will work to hit your business goals.

Your Value Building, Growth Accelerating Team

Meet Your Leaders
Dr. .Carrie LaDue

Dr. Carrie LaDue

CEO, Founder

Carrie is an accomplished entrepreneur and advisor for ambitious leaders and their management teams, having trained and coached over 15,000 leaders and teams since 2007.

She’s successfully launched, scaled and sold businesses, even during the most challenging economic climates. She’s worn every hat in a fast growing company and managed all aspects from product creation, to marketing and sales and is an expert at creating offers that convert and systems that sustainably scale. 

Carrie’s especially skilled at helping business owners successfully remove themselves from the daily hustle and grind of business growth through strategy, delegation, efficient operations and empowering their teams. She’s also been told she’s a master with words and helping businesses create a compelling market dominating position. 

Before Limitless, she launched, scaled and sold an online B2B business at record speed with three competing offers in just 7 days time. She built a business that could run without her and maintained a 40% profit margin from launch which was key to this speedy sale.

She sees business as an incredible lever for positive change in the world and believes that when leaders are performing at their very best, it has an exponential impact on everyone around them. She knows what it takes to breakthrough barriers and help leaders claim the big beautiful goals they desire.

April Stercula

Managing Partner

A seasoned CEO, April has launched, scaled, transformed, and sold businesses for over 30 years. Throughout her career, she has managed all aspects of business, including Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Risk Management, Finance, and Administration as both a C-Suite Executive at Fortune 100 companies as well as a leader of her own SaaS company.  

Her experience as a business leader, business owner and a business buyer make her uniquely qualified to help her clients build a valuable asset that will be ready to sell when they are ready to exit.   Early in her career, she was part of an IPO process.  Before becoming a partner at Limitless, she helped a fast-growing, boot-strapped, SaaS company in the aviation industry achieve 40%+ YOY growth and led them through a successful exit.  Then with the exiting management team, she acquired three small businesses and launched a new SaaS company in the marine industry, positioning the company for growth just six months from start-up. 

April excels at strategic planning and is hard-wired to achieve bottom line results.  She loves ‘the business of business’  and helping CEOs unleash their potential and realize their vision.

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See Dr. Carrie LaDue featured in WomLEAD Magazine.

"Be clear about what you want and your dreams. When things seem the hardest, and you are at a breaking point, that is when you are at your growth period.” - Dr. Carrie LaDue

Dr Carrie LaDue in WomLEAD Magazine

See Dr. Carrie LaDue featured in TED

"Strategy and execution are just two key elements we need to be successful. The third, and most essential tool, is a limitless mind that knows no boundaries. That is the missing link..”- Dr. Carrie LaDue

Meet Your Growth Strategists
Phil Mazza Headshot

Philip Mazza

Growth Strategist

Philip is an accomplished and creative executive with 25 years of leadership experience spanning operations, technology, information security, and risk management. With a proven ability to revitalize organizations and capitalize on untapped development prospects, he is a driving force behind company-wide initiatives and strategic planning. He has a notable track record in merging technology, security, and compliance to develop lucrative services in Fortune 500 enterprises as well as venture capital-backed startups.

The majority of his career has been spent building technology companies through organic growth and then seeking outside investment or acquisition. As a CEO of a SaaS company he achieved consistent double-digit profits for twenty years while quadrupling revenues. Most recently, he was the COO at a high growth SaaS business that was successfully acquired by private capital.

His ability to navigate complex challenges and build vibrant corporate cultures with engaged personnel sets him apart as a leader. He excels in resolving issues across various departments including sales, human resources, legal, finance, and operations with superior interpersonal skills. He takes pride in his ability to motivate staff to peak performance and mentor the leadership to help them achieve company goals.

Jennifer Cresswell

Growth Strategist

Jennifer Cresswell is a well-respected business leader with over 20 years of experience in business planning, operations, communications, leadership coaching,  and client relations, as well as building and leading teams in fast-paced, service-oriented industries.

With proven strengths in strategic planning, leadership and team communication, business process development, hiring and onboarding strategy, and sales and account management strategy, Jennifer is a problem-solver at heart. Through consultation, coaching, and collaboration with leaders, she uses her diverse skill set to help them develop the skills to create, execute, and communicate growth plans that put the structure, teams, processes, and culture in place to scale successfully.

Jennifer has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Cornell University. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, playing tennis, cooking and baking, crafting, and learning new things.

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In a study of 23,158 companies, we found 40% of business owners have one thing in common: They are Rainmakers – the primary revenue driver for their company.

Rainmakers are exceptional at rapidly accelerating business growth, but they eventually hit a ceiling.

Revenue stagnates and business value plateaus, forcing owners to confront the Rainmaker’s Dilemma.

The solution? Become an Architect.


In this eBook you will learn:

  • The defining characteristics of a Rainmaker
  • The one problem Rainmakers will encounter
  • Quantitative evidence on how Rainmakers affect company value
  • The negative impact Rainmakers have on receiving an acquisition offer
  • 9 strategies to transition from a Rainmaker to an Architect