By Carrie LaDue
on June 01, 2023
Most successful business owners know the value of a strong leadership team. They understand that they can’t personally be in charge of everything, at least not effectively. But what many owners don’t ...
By Carrie LaDue
on May 08, 2023
As an entrepreneur, raising capital is a critical step in growing your business. However, the capital raising process can be tricky, and it's not always easy to convince investors to trust in your ...
By Carrie LaDue
on April 15, 2023
You can now buy a subscription for everything from dog treats to razor blades. Music subscription services are booming as our appetite to buy tracks is replaced by our willingness to rent access to ...
By Carrie LaDue
on April 06, 2023
The ultimate goal of any successful business is to create value. One of the often overlooked components of achieving this goal is scaling an organization that runs without you.
By Carrie LaDue
on March 02, 2023
Serviced based businesses were disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and have continued to struggle due to inflation and a drastic change in consumer behavior. The people who cook for us, keep ...

In a study of 23,158 companies, we found 40% of business owners have one thing in common: They are Rainmakers – the primary revenue driver for their company.

Rainmakers are exceptional at rapidly accelerating business growth, but they eventually hit a ceiling.

Revenue stagnates and business value plateaus, forcing owners to confront the Rainmaker’s Dilemma.

The solution? Become an Architect.


In this eBook you will learn:

  • The defining characteristics of a Rainmaker
  • The one problem Rainmakers will encounter
  • Quantitative evidence on how Rainmakers affect company value
  • The negative impact Rainmakers have on receiving an acquisition offer
  • 9 strategies to transition from a Rainmaker to an Architect